What does it mean to be thoroughly furnished? To be furnished means to be ready, fit and usable. To be able to engage the capacity with which one has been endowed to complete a specific task. A task he has been empowered to carry out by gaining mastery through acquiring knowledge by reading or training. For every task assigned to a man, there are resources (capacity) given to that man to accomplish it.

Unfortunately, quite a number of us live as if we carry little or no capacity which could be as a result of our being lazy, fearful or ignorant. God doesn’t give us a task or purpose and leave us to fend for ourselves, He supply the capacity and resources to carry out the task.

In the parable of the talents as seen in Matthew 25: 14-30, we would see that the master gave unto his servants different tasks according to their capacity, and the result was that 2 of the servants did their part and they had increase while one was too lazy to even invest in what he has. Your capacity determines your level of assignment.

As an individual you can be equipped and choose not to be usable, you can be equipped and usable but not unto good works but it is required of every leader to be equipped, usable and unto good works.You cannot lead effectively if you are not equipped as a leader or if you have not gain mastery of that which is inside of you.If you allow fear in your life, though furnished thoroughly, you cannot be usable unto good works.

In each individual, there are capacity which we don’t even know are within us, irrespective of what one is good at, there’s still room for more expansion. For every task you are given, there is a capacity that has been given to you to fully execute that task.

For every task there is a resource that has been instilled in you. You need to bring it out and use for the task at hand. If one doesn’t finish one task, there won’t be another assignment for another task. There is a capacity that is inside of you that until you bring it out you cannot use it and if you cannot use it you cannot fulfill the task assigned unto you.

Conclusively, the journey of a thoroughly furnished individual is hinge on how much he could expand and increase his capacity, how much knowledge he can take in, how much he know about himself, his task, capacity and the contractor (God).

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