Once upon a time lived a man, he was the commander of army, a man who served beside the Kings, would I dare say a man of substance too? I bet he is. He had the pleasure of dining with kings and top officials, but this man had a disease that became his limitation, he disease men don’t associate with, a disease that tag one as an outcast – leprosy.
Though, he was a man of high caliber, his disease was his limitation because he couldn’t relate or fine as he would have. Then the grace of God found him. In his down moment, in his time of distress, God visited him with a solution for his predicament. An instruction came to him to go wash himself in a river, a river not befitting for his status. Guess what? This man went to the river and wash himself and he was healed. 
What is your predicament? What is giving you sleepless night? What is making you ashamed? Accept the grace of God for you and follow whatever instruction he gave you even if you feel the instruction his stupid, why? Because God’s way is not our way. Do not let your limit tie you down. Because God’s grace has been made available and sufficient for you. Tap into His grace today and soar above your limitations. 
Busayo Ilugbiyin
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