Leadership is seasoned with the ingredients of integrity, conviction and character. Every leader must lead with integrity, conviction and character without fail because once a leader fails in the place of integrity, his/her achievements would be useless. Integrity simply means clean hands and a pure heart. Integrity paves way for many to rise to the place of power and influence. Integrity is obvious to everyone even your enemies. Outward appearance means nothing to God but integrity of heart, character (state of heart) and the authenticity of heart does. As a leader, our gift would be seen as trash if we only give priority to charisma instead of integrity and character.

For every leader there is a process,and in every process (building phase), we learn integrity and character. The result of integrity is trust. When you have integrity, you will win the trust of others; the trust of your employer, the trust of your spouse, the trust of your neighbors and so on. Integrity and character are the foundation on which trust is built. While conviction (your belief, your values) is the foundation on which integrity and character is formed.

Can you be trusted with things?
Can you be trusted at work?
Can you be trusted with money?
Can your wife/husband trust you?
Can you be trusted to stay away from immoral movie channels?
Can you be trusted to honour Christ?

If you have any issue with at least one of the questions, then you’re living a compromised life.Your integrity and your character would be tested because you cannot hide integrity forever.


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